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Our analysis of your claims is thorough and carried out by some of the best attorneys in the business. We are dedicated to getting your money returned to you using result-oriented strategies.

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Our team of experts ride on actionable intelligence from different and reliable sources to ensure that your money and assets return to you the rightful owne

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We trade safe by examining and analysing every option with eagle’s eyes so that the risks involved are minimized as much as possible. Our experts know when to stay on the ropes and when to go all out!

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Our tight knit customer support team are always on their toes to answer all your requests.

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1,403,500 Cummulative Recovered Funds (USD)
24 Brokers Taken Down
1321 Clients Reprensented & Cases Handled
1201 Cases Won

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2019 January

The Rise and Fall Of Mt. Gox

Between 2013 and 2014, Mt. Gox was the bitcoin exchange cryptocurrency junkies used to get their fix. At the time, this meant handling nearly half a billion dollars’ worth of accounts. Today, this would translate to $29.33 billion worth of bitcoin..

2019 March

Man Behind America’s First Bitcoin Fraud

In 2012, an anonymous Bitcoin entrepreneur known by the handle Pirateat40 launched a so-called "High Yield Investment Program" called Bitcoin Savings & Trust. Pirateat40 advertised on the forum, where he promised investors a 7 percent weekly return on deposits of more than 25,000 BTC, a sum worth more than $275,000 at the time. He never explained how he generated these fantastic returns.

2019 January

The Great 420 Scam

Silk Road, as I reported previously, is the online illicit drug marketplace that has defied law enforcement efforts to close it down. Last month, Silk Road reported the greatest scam in its fifteen-month history, which cost the site’s users over a hundred thousand dollars in just two days. Silk Road’s vendors live and die by their reputation and feedback, which buyers give much as they do on eBay. Nobody on Silk Road had a better reputation or more enthusiastic feedback than Tony76, a vendor of heroin, stimulants and psychedelics from Canada. The site has a system of escrow in place – a user places an order, money goes into escrow and the user releases it once the order has been received. Any disputes can be referred to the site’s administrators for resolution..

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